About QSgear

QSgear is a community shopping platform for self-tracking enthusiasts. We test, review and sell self-tracking devices and write about self-tracking news in our blog.

The Mission

Part of our mission is to improve the availability and the knowledge of self-tracking devices outside the USA. It is a mission born out of a sense of lacking. Being based outside of the US, it is often very difficult to get our hands on the latest devices. Using the QSgear platform, we bundle knowledge to bring the latest devices to self-trackers worldwide. 

The other part of our mission is to create a community platform around the devices we love to use. We want it to become a playground and a meeting place for self-trackers.

Finally, we want to use this platform to meet other self-trackers and spread our enthusiasm for self-tracking. 

The People

Johan Schaap
Founder. User of fitbit, Basis B1, Withings, Foodzy
Niels Meijssen
Founder. User of fitbit ultra, Basis B1, Withings
Maarten den Braber
Founder and currently part of the team as advisor  

As we do elsewhere on this website, we'd like to stress that QSgear is not associated with and is not supported by QSlabs and QuantifiedSelf.com. We appreciate and support the Quantified Self community but we are not affiliated in any way with QSlabs.