Sleep tracking device that is put on top of the mattress and syncs with your mobile devices via Bluetooth.


The Beddit sleep tracker is a thin sensor that is put on top of your mattress without you even noticing it. The sensor uses Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile device (both iOS and Android) where you can access your sleep report with all the information gathered during the night.

The Beddit tracks your bed time, awakenings and bed exits, sleep time, sleep latency  (the time it takes to fall asleep), resting heart rate, sleep quality and snoring and breathing but also registers the noise and light in your bedroom. Next you can add certain things yourself like how you feel (mood tracking) and how tired you feel. All this together is input for the personalised coaching that helps you to sleep better. And last but least, it comes with an alarm clock as well.

Altogether a very impressive set of data points that can be registered.

This new version of the Beddit is not available yet, but you can already register one for a discount by becoming a funder on Indiegogo (follow the link on the right side).

Beddit Screenshot

Product specificaties

Mobiele App voor iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Synchronisatie Bluetooth 2.x
Activiteiten Slaap
Form factor Bedband


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